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 Ever think your enjoyment of motorcycle riding could lead to success in other areas of your life? 
Ever notice how the challenges of life, business or otherwise, resemble the challenges of riding well?

Do you run your business like some people ride their motorcycles...

'hold the throttle open till you see God then brake!'

'if you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much space!'

'life begins at 200KPH!'

...leaving a wake of experiences and opportunities behind because you are so
stressed and focused on a single point on the horizon.

Perhaps you’re too busy worrying about that fast approaching tight corner to enjoy the ride of life and work?

TwoWheelTouring has joined together with TheBehaviourBusiness to create seimars that relate the lessons we learn riding motorcycles to the challenges of running your business, department, job or life.

At Two Wheel Touring, we enjoy and appreciate our motorcycles (of course!).

More than this though, we like what motorcycling represents: an approach to the pursuit of life that includes some leadership, some management, and a generous helping of courage.

We believe the makings of a successful leader or manager are the same key elements that make a successful rider and vice a versa!

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 Barry Hemmings,

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